Tour de Forest Rally
Volunteer Sign-up

There are 2 places you must register

Please read directions below before registering.

 This is our event volunteer link where we assign volunteers to their assignments

This is the event insurer and all volunteers must submit their electronic waiver here for event coverage.

Volunteers must be signed up prior to Sept. 5 to get a T-Shirt.  


If you did the USAC sign up for Olympus and Included TDF then you do not need to do that part.

When you complete the ARA/USAC registration there are two emails that you will receive.  First is for you to sign your waiver.  You must complete this process before you will get your Registration QR code.  When completed you will get the second email with your Registration QR code. Look for the following in the email and your QR CODE.  This means you have completed the ARA/USAC Registration

Rally Data

It's important to indicate in the COMMENTS section of your RallyData Profile the Stage Captain you'd like to work with, if you have a preference, and also include the names of the other friends in your group you want to be assigned with so we can try and accommodate your request(s) and they must register as well!

Please note that volunteer duties will be assigned approximately 2 weeks prior to the event, so you can expect to receive specific details then.  If you have questions in the meantime, you can send an email to and we will get back to you soon.


Thank you again for your support of the Olympus Rally!


ARA/USAC Registration Tips

  1. Under “Let’s Get Started: “ “Participant Type” check Volunteer

  2. Fill in your Personal Info

  3. Check the box for Olympus Rally.

  4. Choose Olympus and any other Rallies you volunteer for.  By doing this, you only need to register for your ARA/USAC Volunteer Electronic Waiver once!!  The Pacific Northwest events in 2021 will be Olympus, Oregon Trail, and Tour de Forest rallies.  Rally Colorado and Rally Nevada are also scheduled.

  5. Enter Emergency Contact info

  6. Choose if you want to become an ARA Member, not required to volunteer.

  7. Click Next page

  8. Answer USAC Protection Plan questions

  9. Check all the Policy Agreements, there are 3 unless you are registering a minor then there are 4 and a space for Parent Approval.

  10. Click Next Page

  11. Click Save Registration

  12. At this point you can register additional people or Continue to Billing.

  13. Click Submit

Thank you again for helping with your local rally.

Photo Credit to Apex Photo and Lars Wolfe Racing