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Saturday Spectator

The Tour de Forest Rally is running for the first time in 36 years!

We will have many opportunities for spectators to meet the competitors, see their cars, and see them race.  Below are maps and the full schedule so you know when and where to be.

To make sure everyone is safe we ask that all spectators follow our rules.

Please Obey All Marshals' Instructions

Marshals can be identified by their reflective safety vests.  These volunteers are here to keep you safe in the designated spectating locations.


Please Respect Our Landowners

They have graciously allowed us to use their property so that we may continue racing on the best rally roads in North America. 

We are the guests of Green Diamond Resource Company and they ask us to follow a few simple rules:





A message from our Land owner….   Welcome, competitors and spectators, to Green Diamond Resource Company’s private working forest lands in Washington State.  Green Diamond harvests patches of forestland each year to provide wood products to a worldwide marketplace.  At the same time, these working forests protect clean water and soils, sequester carbon while producing clean air, provide habitat for fish and wildlife and, of course, give us open space for recreation.  Enjoy.


Enjoy the Rally Experience

Northwest rally fans are some of the hardiest spectators in North America.  They brave the elements to witness the challenges that the competitors face as they battle each other and the clock over the most demanding stages the American Rally Association National Championship can offer.  The chance to witness the extraordinary talents of the drivers inevitably leads to an assault on the senses:  the noise of the engines, the smell of race fuel, the glow of the brakes, and the flying of gravel.  For many, this is what attracts them to rally.


Find your spot in the designated spectator location, take lots of video and pictures, bring the noise ie… cowbells, horns, whistles and your voices! 

Let the drivers know that they have entered the spectator area! 

More Cowbell!

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Montesano, WA

We welcome you to Montesano, WA for Parc Expose.  Get an early start in front of the historic Grays Harbor County Court House by meeting with the competitors before heading to the first stage.  Bring what you need to the spectator area as the race is being held 21 miles out the Wynoochee Valley Road.  Please note that there is no cellular service available at this location.  Portable toilets will be made available.  

There will be two spectator sections available when you get out there.  Follow the directions below to the main location and then follow signs and Marshal guidance when you get there.

8:00 am to 9:00 am - Parc Expose - Montesano, WA on Broadway

10:21 - First car out on Black Creek Stage

10:45 - Service

12:29 - First car out on Reed Hill

14:51 - First car out on Black Creek Stage 2nd Run

15:15 - Service

16:44 - First car out on Reed Hill Stage 2nd Run

End of First Day

Saturday Spectator Directions

  • From Parc Expose head down Main St.

  • Turn right on Pioneer

  • Turn right on Wynoochee Valley Rd.

  • Turn right at the signs for Spectator area about 21.1 miles

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Saturday Spectator Road map.JPG


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Shelton, WA

For day two we welcome you to Shelton, WA where we are taking over Railroad Avenue for Parc Expose and Service.  It will take about 30 minutes to get to our spectator location from Parc Expose.

8:00 to 9:00 - Parc Expose - Shelton, WA on Railroad Ave

10:27 - First car out on Kennedy North Stage

11:06 - Service

13:18 - First car our on Kennedy North Stage 2nd Run

End of Rally

Sunday Spectator Directions

  • Head west on W Railroad Ave toward US - 101

  • Turn left and merge onto US-101 S

  • Take the exit toward US 101 N/WA-8 W/Shelton/Aberdeen

  • Turn left at T.

  • Turn left to merge onto US-101 N toward WA-6 W/Shelton/Aberdeen

  • Turn right at the signs for Spectator. 9.2 miles

Sunday Spectator Road map.JPG
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